Kapitel 1 - What all the extra .js files are doing?


AngularJS consists not only of a single file angular.js, but several files. You want to know, which files there are and what they do?


Assuming you downloaded the AngularJS zip file from http://angularjs.org, here are the files and folders with their function.

i18n folder

The i18n contains localization files for date / time / number formatting. You have to include the language file in your index file. The files are named like angular-locale_de-de.js.

docs folder

The whole documentation as offline version. To get this to work, you have to start an http server in the root and navigate your browser to /docs. Remember that AngularJS does a location push. If you navigate through the documentation, you can not do a browser reload. You always have to start a /docs again or set up special rewrite rules for your http server.


Include with angular.module('myApp', ['ngAnimate']).

ngAnimate is an optional module, which provides CSS and JavaScript animation hooks.


Include with angular.module('myApp', ['ngCookies']).

Services included in this module:

  • $cookies: This is a wrapper around browser cookies
  • $cookieStore: Objects you put or retrieve from the cookie store are automatically (de)serialized.


A module loader for AngularJS modules.

If you are loading multiple script files containing AngularJS modules, you can load them asynchronously and in any order. You only have to make sure, that you load this file first.

T> It’s a good idea to put the contents of this file into your index.html to save the initial request.

angular-mocks.js (Testing)

This file contains an implementation of mocks that make it easier to test your app. It includes the $httpBackend, which you need for proper testing the $http service. Additionally it contains overwrites for existing services like $exceptionHandler, $interval, $log and $timeout.


The ngResource module contains just one service: $resource. This service is build on top of $http and can abstract a rest api.


The route provider has now it’s own file / module. Usually you want to include it in every application.


The ngSanitize module includes:

  • ng-bind-html directive, which allows you to output sanitized html
  • linky filter, which turns text links into hyperlinks
  • $sanitize service, which is whitelist filter for html

angular-scenario.js (Testing)

This file helps you writing and executing end-to-end tests for AngularJS applications.


Handles touch events in AngularJS. Implements Fast click, which eliminates the 300ms delay between a tap and the actual firing of a click event on mobile browsers.


The core of AngularJS. You always have to include this.